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Artificial ice diamonds

Since our foundation in 1890, our innovative ideas, technical precision and excellent quality have been critical to the continued success and international reputation of our brands. Nowadays, we’d like to think of ourselves as creative dreamers, passionate about perfection. The unique character and quality of our ice diamond——from the day they leave our factory floor to the moment you hold them in your hand——is that we carefully cut and polish our ice diamonds to maximize the intensity of natural light to create brilliant, extreme results.




Maleras’ creative spirit is reflected in our wide range of cuts, colours, materials and shapes, and provides inspiration and vitality for the latest seasonal trends. Maleras’ ice diamond has a number of  features that cannot be replicated by ordinary crystal manufacturers, including the followings:

  1. Because of its unique and exquisite cutting process, Maleras’ ice diamond has a stronger gloss than other brands, making it more beautiful and gorgeous under the irradiation of the light source.

  2. To satisfy the needs of different customer groups, Maleras produces a wide variety of sizes, designed for different customer groups with minimal mistake, to satisfy the needs of different customers to the maximum extent.

  3. Maleras’ ice diamond is the ideal cheap alternative to diamonds for its higher hardness, wear resistance and brilliancy. Jewelry made with Maleras’ ice diamond has the advantages of high-end elegance, high cost performance, wider consumer groups, higher acceptance by the public, and more suitable for mass procudtion promotion.

  4. image.png

Mechanical standard cutting 99 surface

Artificial ice Diamonds from Maleras®, our ice diamond adopts the world’s advanced mechanical instruments for cutting, precise cutting technology makes our ice diamond has 99 cutting surfaces, excellent cutting proportion make the ice diamond bloom more brilliant light.


Nine hearts & nine arrows

Our exquisite cutting technology makes the ice diamond not only has 99 cutting surfaces, but also can produce the phenomenon of nine hearts and nine arrows.Nine arrows can be seen evenly arranged around the top of the diamond, while nine hearts can be seen neatly arranged around the bottom of the ice diamond. The  complexity of its craft and exquisite degree, make the ice diamond more perfect.图层 1.png

Product innovation & Strict standards

High quality, less breakage and higher efficiency

冰花钻包装盒.jpgFor us, the true quality means morn than providing perfect cut, clarity or color. At every stage of the development of artificial ice diamond, we have the highest standard of our production. As a company  with a long history of success, strict standards of produce have been at the core of our DNA since the establishment of the company. Our strict calibration method ensures that all of our artificial ice diamonds are the same, strict control of geometric tolerances allows positive and negative tolerances to be controlled within +/- 0.05mm.

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